False Alarm

My last post involved muttering grumbles about proofreading. Well, good news and bad news: the bad news is that it wasn’t even for a project I’m connected to — it was for something else altogether, and nobody made that clear. It was just, “We need you to do X, we’ll renumerate as Y, the [ridiculous] deadline is Z.” Or at least, that was what I gathered from the phone call (in Korean) and the follow-up email (in English). I guess someone forgot to actually ask me if I had time/was willing to take on an extra proofreading gig.

The good news is that I discovered this when talking to someone else, and it was then immediately sorted out, and I’m free, free, free!

But I’m still thinking Charles is right: I think proofreading is sometimes a lucrative gig, sometimes you learn things you wouldn’t otherwise, and sometimes it’s okay to do it… but often, especially if it’s last-minute, it’s not worth the headache. And anyway, I have stuff of my own to write, and life is short, so…

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