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Believe it or not, I’m trying not to rant and complain too much these days, as I said last night to some friends I was hanging out with. But you know, I just spent the afternoon dealing with something that, as usual, incompetent idiots didn’t deal with, and I’m in a mood. And yes, this involves a water leak and my closet, though it’s a different closet — though the source of the previous one’s leak, if that says anything to you…

But if you’re not up for a rant, just click on the link above, about the friends I was with. That was the best time I’ve had out in a while. (Not including jaunts down the hall, that is.)

Well, the cardinal thing that annoyed me this week was waking up to find that the water leak — which, in the case of the water leaking down into my old apartment, was attributed to some kind of roof-drainage problem — is actually most likely caused by a broken water pipe in my bathroom. The people who claimed it was a roof drainage pipe just never bothered to check any of the upstairs plumbing. (Or even the concrete behind the closet, which can be seen when one takes out the drawers, and which is all stained with long-term water damage.)

This morning was extra-fun, because I discovered that the water had leaked so high up that it had begun to flood my bedroom: the floor was all wet, the blanket, my clothes hamper — and today I was NOT planning on doing laundry, but now it’s all wet and I have no choice. But first, I had to get the water out from the under-closet  floor.

How much water was it, did you ask? This much:

Yes, I got all this water out with a scoop and a towel. It was not gun.
Yes, I got all this water out with a scoop and a towel. The bucket isn't small: it reaches to about 3/4 of the way up to my knee. It was not fun.

Yes, that annoyed me. The Housing Office people also annoyed my by saying they would come on Friday to assess what kinds of repairs would need to be done, and then decided — without calling  or making any effort to notify anyone that they didn’t need to, and wouldn’t. Thanks, guys, that’s why I woke up early.

They say they’ll be able to fix it in one day while I’m away. How this is possible, what with the tearing-into-concrete and replacing tiles that will be necessary, is beyond me. But if I come back from my visa run and my bathroom is a shambles, or this is not fixed, I’m going to defenestrate someone.

While I’m ranting… since I try to make an effort not to rant too much these days, I will splurge it all here, I’ll note that a link I found somewhere online led me to this post at Kimchi-Icecream. Which uses the word doumi, and which reminded me of something else that annoyed the crap out of me:

I’m seriously annoyed at the pattern of people correcting me about things that I’m not wrong about. At a party a few weeks ago, a young Korean woman very seriously corrected me that I was wrong about the meaning of the word “doumi.”

I had said that the word was used to describe the young women who are paid to dress in revealing or cheesy clothing and dance in front of newly opened shops. The young lady insistently corrected me that no, this was not the case, that those are “Narrator Models” and that “doumi” are young women who are paid to show up at room salons and, er, service the patrons.

Well, what do you know but the very next day, a (very well-educated) Korean was talking about the poor doumi girls she saw dancing outside in the afternoon. Ah, the righteous air of vindication! It may well be that the meaning of doumi is ambiguous, but if it is, that’s definitely not just a foreigner thing: it’s a word I’ve heard other Koreans  use in this way, too.

What the hell is it with people who get off correcting other people, offering their own idiosyncratic definitions of words and  meanwhile contradicting common usage?

I know, I know: just don’t talk to people like that. But it’s annoying, and I felt like venting.

And now, for my next trick, I’m going to try reserve a ticket on the KTX online. Gotta go use Windows. I’ll update if there’s more to rant about.

7 thoughts on “Recent Annoyances

  1. Sometimes just writing it down gets it out of one’s system. Rant away. I would be ranting a LOT more than you are if my closet was perpetually flooded.

  2. Grr! While we’re looking for things to rant about, is there anything you can do about the left margin on this blog? When I view it on Firefox, the text begins at the exact left edge of the window. Difficult to read, and gives the impression that text is cut off…

  3. Tristan!

    Sorry about the formatting. You could resize for the moment… I’m going to be changing the blog template very soon anyway. (Once the semester begins and I get a few other things out of the way.) Thanks for the tip, though, as ‘ve never seen this on any PC I’ve used. Are you on a Mac or something?

  4. my prediction:

    All repairs to your room will be ad hoc and incomplete until the situation becomes bad enough that it can no longer be brushed off.

    (just like there won’t be sufficient maintenance on the KTX until a crash occurs)

    ergo, my recommendation:

    After securing your stuff, unobtrusively damage the leaking area further so that water gushes into the room. Do this before going to work. That way, someone else in your building will notice the water leaking out from under your door and may report it. Most likely this, or something like it, is the only way the problem will be satisfactorily resolved.

    Also, for some reason Firefox needs around 60% of my CPU to display your site. Having a warm and toasty notebook is fine, but I’m wondering if you have some unusual scripts or applets on your site that might be causing this. Not a problem, though.

  5. Rhesus,

    Yeah, I think my best bet is probably to go for a higher authority on campus. Get the priest who is in charge of that department to come over and see the water damage to the building.

    Or move out, but I won’t get a stipend.

    Anyway, I suspect water will gush when they open up the wall: it seeped back in after I sponged it all out, so there’s a lot in the wall-cavity. Which explains the drip downstairs. Anyway, I was just assured that the guys doing this repair are a higher level of repairman than the ones sent before, and that they swore they’d find out what the problem was. Here’s hoping.

    Thanks for the info on the CPU issue. I thought I was haaving Firefox issues but it seems it’s my site. I hope it’s not some kind of viral crap some bot installed or something. Argh! I guess I’ll need to update and check for something.

  6. All I can say about the leak is “good luck.” I remember a co-worker’s room leaking whenever it rained. She always complained but nothing was ever really done. Finally the roof seemed to give way completely, and her room was totally flooded one night. I hope you’re at least spared this.

    As for possible site issues, you can check your CPU usage by running “top” in a terminal while you’ve got your site in Firefox. It will show a list of all running processes and statistics about them.

    One thing – Firefox is always reading a Flickr url on your site:


    Maybe this is the cause? I don’t know anything about Flickr, though.

  7. Rhesus,

    Ugh, that’s horrible. Not really big on the maintenance, here, some people. Some organizations, I should say. As you pointed out above.

    I’ll try sort out the site when I get back. Thanks for the tip.

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