A Notice That Was Should Have Been Up in the Laundry Room

Actually, it wasn’t. But it should be, except in English because Google Translate doesn’t work on non-digital texts and nobody would know what it says: Товарищи на жилье для чужих учителей: Ошибка пришло мое внимание. Ебаный в рот, который “фиксированной” из коммунальной стиральные машины убрали ручки. Без ручки, мы не можем изменить настройки температуры воды. […]

One Up, One Down, Part 1

I have resolved not to whine and bitch without mentioning something positive. Sometimes this means telling two stories, but I think today’s example fits both. Man, delivery guys… I know their jobs are not so fun or easy, but sometimes, they just drive me crazy. The guy dropping off my box of Emart groceries called […]

Had a “Expat Bad Day”

One of those days, you know. Probably the kind everyone who’s lived abroad can remember having felt, when everything one dislikes about the place one is staying decides to up and slap one in the face. Everything. We’ll just say that the bus driver didn’t break my foot, that the name of the building I […]