Out from the Sinews

In a book I read long ago, in a galaxy far, far away, the Christopher Dewdney wrote in his book of poetry The Radiant Inventory about neurology, using the most brilliantly poetical and beautiful language. He wrote about all kinds of things, of course: books of poetry are like that. But among the things he discussed […]

The Suwon Revelation

After spending seven of the past eleven years in the Yeokgok district of Bucheon City, not living there has been full of surprises. Even though I tried to resist it, I developed a habit of mind wherein I conflated Yeokgok with Korea generally, just as I conflate Seoul Subway Line 1 with the whole system. […]


Mrs. Jiwaku and I have had a crazily busy week. I’ve spent the last few weeks sorting through my books, because of all my worldly posessions, my books are the most numerous.  However, clothing and papers that haven’t been sorted through in ages come a close second! Came, actually. I’m terrible at getting rid of […]

Smooth? Are You Kidding?

Okay, okay, I’m foolish. Fine. I was hoping out last couple of weeks on campus would be smooth sailing. Today, while in Seoul sorting out some paperwork, I encountered a really nice guy–a cabbie who was in his seventies, who was a real character. He was a cabbie who seemed to also fancy himself a […]

On The Way Out…

So, we’re now at two weeks until the day we’re supposed to leave our apartment. There’s an unspecified number of days after that, during which we’ll still be in Korea, but not in our apartment. I’m not sure where we’ll be, but it won’t be on campus. This means we’re in the thick of packing, […]