Anju? No Review…

Look, I am willing to adapt to a different culture, I really am. I understand that in Korean drinking establishments — especially the kinds of places where soju is available and sold for a pittance — it is traditional to expect customers to order some food, and it’s considered unusual for someone to order drinks […]

Splice — another science-illiterate movie.

If you are worried about spoilers? You need to read this post, so that you don’t spoil your bloody afternoon, the way I did by paying money to watch this crap. Wow, and I thought genetics was a branch of science and industry where people were researching how genetics works, how to design medicines and […]

A Notice That Was Should Have Been Up in the Laundry Room

Actually, it wasn’t. But it should be, except in English because Google Translate doesn’t work on non-digital texts and nobody would know what it says: Товарищи на жилье для чужих учителей: Ошибка пришло мое внимание. Ебаный в рот, который “фиксированной” из коммунальной стиральные машины убрали ручки. Без ручки, мы не можем изменить настройки температуры воды. […]