A Hundred and What?

If you’re not interested in my exercise/weight-loss regimen, skip this post. Nothing to see. Move along. More content coming soon…. Otherwise, well, there’s a link for you to click to see the update.

My exercise regimen really seems to be paying off, for the moment. I know the first few kilos are the easiest to lose, and perhaps the mild diuretic I’m on is playing some part in this, but hey, I’m still going to revel in the weight loss for now. It’s one of the pleasurable parts of this very intense exercise regimen…

Which, by the way, consists of about 2 hours a day of exercise, daily:

  • ~40 minutes hiking up and down Wonmi Mountain, the little mountain near my home
  • ~40 minutes of cycling on a stationery bicycle at the campus fitness room
  • ~40 minutes of doing weight training, ie. lifting weights and stuff

When possible, I do the mountain in the morning, and the gym in the evening. One days when I can’t, I do them all in a single go, but it’s pretty intense and I end up a bit pooped-out for the day. (I did it yesterday, for example, so I could be sure to make it to the pot luck dinner on campus last night.) I’m looking to diversify this a bit more, as the mountain is going to get boring eventually, so one thing I’m looking at is swimming at the local community pool.

This pretty-intense approach seems to be paying off already, which is quite encouraging. I knew something was up when I started having to use a new (previously unused) hole on my belt to keep my pants from sliding down, and when I fit into a jacket (buttoned, but not tight) and a few t-shirts that didn’t fit me even as recently as the end of last year. But when I weighed myself today, I was stunned to find I’d dropped a whole kilo since Sunday or Monday. (I can’t remember on which day I weighed myself, but it was less than a week ago, and in roughly the same condition — having eaten breakfast and worked out, not yet had lunch, same attire, even the same approximate time of day!)

The thing is, that kilo adds up with the kilo I was surprised to find I’d lost the week before, and it’s altogether 3 or 4 kilos I’ve lost since I started working out, back in January. (Since the workouts were milder then, it’s not surprise I’ve begun shedding as much in recent weeks as I did during a whole month and a half of slowly and less-tenaciously working out.)

Anyway, I’m shooting for 90 kilos assuming I put on some muscle weight. (And I am certain I’ve begun doing that already, as I can see more definition in certain muscles I’ve been working.) Then I assume I’ll be able to go back to a regimen that allows me to maintain my weight and fitness. And, of course, I’ll have to get my pants taken in, and probably have to pick up some new shirts and so on.

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