UPDATE (20 March 2008): Yeah, figure I’d move the painful details behind a cut. Also, I pretty much fit into my size 38 jeans now… the ones I haven’t worn since 2004. (I knew keeping them was a good idea.) That’s down from a somewhat loose size 42 before, and I think another month of exercise and I’ll be able to buy jeans in Korea again, like I was able to do after a six or eight months of swimming every day. Holy crap, this exercise stuff really works! (Heh.)

ORIGINAL POST: I don’t know how much I actually weigh at the moment, because I did have breakfast and usually I weigh myself before breakfast, but after my hike (with company this time: one of the new teachers went with me at 8am) and the gym (cycling 50 min, weights 40 min, but relatively light on both) I weighed myself and was 103.4. That is precisely a kilo less than I was on Thursday last, so I’m quite pleased. I have an appointment with my cardiologist on Wednesday next, and I’m guessing I’ll be able to tell him I lost 7 or 8 kilos since I saw him at the end of February.

Will be swimming this afternoon. One thing I am trying to be careful about, though, is the dehydration that can result from a combination of constant hard exercise and being on diuretics. (The result being you’re peeing a lot and sweating a lot and even if you drink a lot of water, it’s hard to keep up.) I have been having some symptoms that are unpleasant, but mostly brief and then gone again, and they’re not fun, but they’re not killing me, either. (I’ll spill it and say my suspicious is a prostatitis flare-up, except that seems odd to me since the original flare-ups were related to inacitivity. I’m going to ride it out and see if it goes away by itself, and if not, Friday I’ll see my urologist.)

Anyway, I feel good in general, except for those painful momentary spikes of owch. Now, I have a ton of things to do: I need to get a recommendation letter printed (and signed and sealed), do the dishes, bake some bread, and try get some writing done. This afternoon, after swimming, I’ll be looking over an MA thesis for a friend, and tonight, before the International House tea party (a regular Wednesday night thing where people just hang out and talk) I’ll be getting laundry done and making hummus with chick peas I bought in Seoul last weekend… or, I’ll be trying to make hummus, anyway. (Without tahini, sadly, since I don’t know if that stuff is obtainable here, though I will try get some sesame oil for next time. I found a recipe for pita to go with it, and hey, why not?) And I might get to reply to some email, too…

Oh, and I should have lunch somewhere in there, too, before the swimming. Busy day, for a day off…

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