In Jeju

That’s a touristy island in South Korea. So I’m not responding to comments much for a reasons. Having fun, even if it is raining like nobody’s business. Should clear up tomorrow, and in the meantime, I got some necessary work done. Two stories down, a few more to go.

If I’m slow replying to emails, you know why. Feel free to call me if you like.

9 thoughts on “In Jeju

  1. I might think otherwise?! No. way. Not even! :)

    Skype always makes me think of Skynet from Terminator. Or maybe I’m just thinking that because I’m going to see the movie today.

    Are you taking pictures? I want to see the island! :)

  2. LOL Oh, well, you might. :)

    Terminator was okay. I saw it the other day. I still got a bigger kick out of the new Star Trek, tho.

    I haven’t taken many pictures, in part because I’ve been in the city most of the time, and it mostly looks like any Korean city, if a bit cleaner and friendlier than Seoul or Bucheon. Kind of a working holiday, really — three story drafts finished, one edited into fairly good shape.

    I do have some footage and snaps from Jeju Loveland (a kind of sex-art museum) and from the African band I saw last night, and I’ll get a few of the beach this afternoon.

  3. Sweet! I look forward to seeing the pics of the band…and that sex-art museum!

    I know what you mean about the Terminator movie. Star Trek was more exciting. What made Terminator so fun to watch was Sam Worthington. I’ve never seen his work but I’m looking forward to seeing more of him in James Cameron’s Avatar, which, according to the buzz, is being called the greatest science fiction film ever made.

  4. I kinda doubt James Cameron can go back in time and make Blade Runner, so it cannot be the best SF film ever made. But I’ll keep an eye out for Avatar.

    Those stories — well, if you wanna read one beforehand, it could be arranged. I’m kinda desperate for some crit, actually, in short order, if you have a few hours to spare… :)

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