San Franxaustion

Am in San Francisco.

Ready to drop.

A crisis with a friend prevented me getting much done over the weekend… like, booking a room, or getting friends’ phone numbers, or any other preparations I wanted to get done. But I’m here, and after a nap I should be good to go.

2 thoughts on “San Franxaustion

  1. How long are you in town? It’s an hour or two that way from Santa Cruz, but if you’ll be around for a while I could head up for dinner or a beer or something.

  2. Hey,

    Solipsistnation… I don’t know who you are — if you’re a Culturnik, there are some plans in the offing. Otherwise, I’m not sure I can manage it — I got booked up pretty quick, but I may have nothing to do Friday night, at the same time. It’s all kind of constantly up in the air. Poor planning on my part, of course.

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