At the Airport

Here I am at another airport, sitting in yet another coffee shop, waiting for yet another flight. It’s been a long summer and I haven’t posted much at all — haven’t had the time, though tons has been going on. Hope to be updating and logging some of my adventures soon, but for now, I have one more leg in what has turned out, in many ways, to be an all-out Odyssey.

So, yes, as they so often say, more soon!

4 thoughts on “At the Airport

  1. Dude. At the airport? Are you crazy? ;)

    Not sure what you mean, actually, but there was plenty of holy moly, holy crow, WTF?, and wow all along the trail this summer. Good times…

  2. Ooops, I think they changed that term in my translation. Wanted it to sound more hoity-toity than hotsy-totsy, I imagine.

    Thanks. It’s good to be back. Though weird, as I’ll detail in my next post.

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