The Singularity Ate My Homework and Other Database Wrestling

My employer doesn’t have good access to any of the fulltext databases with literature stuff (like MUSE or JSTOR). While it looks like this might get rectified in the next while, I am not going to be able to get my hands on this article.

Which, in case you’re lazy, is titled “The Singularity Ate My Homework and Other Reasons I Can’t Predict the Future” by Ariel Mameon. It was published in the New York Review of Science Fiction back in 2004, is apparently available in the Texas A&M database.  Or am I misunderstanding the listing?

I’m wanting a look at it for academic purposes. If anyone has access to it, I’d love a copy, or even just the gist — is it a review of a Stross novel, or something else? I’ll even send you frightful Korean snacks in exchange, if you like.  (Or less-exciting nice ones, if you prefer.)

10 thoughts on “The Singularity Ate My Homework and Other Database Wrestling

  1. Hi~
    As one of my friends is studying at TAMU, maybe I can get that article. Unfortunately, google scholar cannot find that article….if you know name of the journal which published that article, tell me. I can check SNU has right to access.

  2. Hey! Great! Thanks very much!

    It’s in the New York Review of Science Fiction Vol. 17(2): 1, 4-6. October 2004

    I’m suddenly curious why NYROSF is not listed in Google Scholar. I actually am not sure whether it’s in any fulltext database — I just thought it would be since it’s listed in the TAMU one.

    By the way, how’s it going? I’ve been busy, still am, but doing fine… hope you are too, and hope we can meet up sometime in the nearish future. Before the Singularity hits, in any case. (Hahaha.)

  3. If your other friend doens’t find it, I’m a member of the scifi club where I work, I can get a copy of NYRSF and scan it in for you.

    I remember you talking about lack of access to MUSE and JSTOR. Makes me want to go on my “fabulous resources but only available to institutions rolling in money” rant.

  4. Hmm…
    First, your download link at scientific common is not responding even at TAMU.
    2nd, I found that article at TAMU database of SF&F, but I cannot access fulltext.
    Friend at TAMU will request to library to search that article, so wait couple of days more..

  5. I searched, through my employer, every Japanese university library, and it appears none of them stock the NYRSF.

    I’m surprised that Takayuki Tatsumi hasn’t arranged for the Keio library to stock it.

    Sorry to be unable to help.

  6. Hey everyone! Yeah, it looks like NYROSF isn’t in any fulltext databases. Argh. Well, if 장수제’s friend can’t get it, then I’ll ask Val to scan it, so unless anyone happens to have a copy laying around, it’s probably taken care of! Thanks everyone!

  7. Hey Gord~!
    Check your email.
    I’ve got that acrticle from my friend. It’s resolution is not good, but you can read it if you print.

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