Surely Not…

Surely it’s not easier to get a Japanese pickle press in the USA than it is in Korea? If anyone has any suggestions, short of my going and buying a kimchi pot and getting some smooth stones from a river, please do fire away. (I’m looking for something with a plastic screw-press, as opposed to […]

Recommended Books on Korea

So, I was recently asked for a list of my top ten books about Korean history/politics, for someone who is living here and would like to know more about the country. Of course, asking me such a question is dangerous. Dangerous in two ways, mind: I sometimes have some pretty idiosyncratic views about books, and […]

Article Help?

UPDATE (20 minutes later): I got the articles. The second one is, indeed, online here. That was quick. Thanks KSM! ORIGINAL POST: Anyone have a copy of this article kicking around? Ahem, I mean, you know, I could use a copy for my research, but my employer won’t have JSTOR access till 2011. Ooh, and […]