What is Food To Us?

Regarding whether New York City’s Mayor Bloomberg is in the right or the wrong in his bid to legislate about what size of soft drinks can be sold in the city, the discussion seems kind  of misguided in my opinion. It seems, in fact, misguided on both sides of the argument. Those who are up […]

Everest in Yeongdeungpo

There’s a lot of Nepali/Indian food available in Seoul, but there’s one food I hadn’t been able to find, and had really wanted to find, until last night. I met Miss Jiwaku in Yeongdeungpo but we discovered that Times Square was crammed with people, and every restaurant had a wait of at least 15 tables […]

Surely Not…

Surely it’s not easier to get a Japanese pickle press in the USA than it is in Korea? If anyone has any suggestions, short of my going and buying a kimchi pot and getting some smooth stones from a river, please do fire away. (I’m looking for something with a plastic screw-press, as opposed to […]

Cooking with Pork

UPDATE (4 Jan 2010): Wow, color me embarrassed! Yeah, so… I actually wrote this on the afternoon of the 1st, and then schedule it for posting on the 2nd. Little did I know I would be food poisoned by the evening of the 1st, and spend the day of the 2nd in bed, with a […]

Do You Have the “Drunken Rice”?

I don’t tend to read food blogs, but in the past year or so, there seems to have arrived a meme spreading around Korea that Korean food must be popularized in the West, as Japanese food has been. I suspect this is not just because Japanese food being popular irks your average nationalist in Korea […]