Mosquito Change?

By the way, the fact that there are still mosquitos flying around is what it is, but I’m wondering: has anyone noticed how different the mosquitoes of October are looking? They’re paler, and they have more prominent striping on their abdomens. I’m wondering if this is just a feature of Korean mosquitoes I never noticed before, or whether they’re young mosquitoes (though they’re kinda big, really), or perhaps this is some other species that’s spread North.

And, of course, should the latter be the case, I’m curious about the different pathogenic profile of this new type of mosquito. Not to set off a panic (I’m not panicking): but the mosquitoes flitting about my house (which was built by someone who seems not very interested in keeping mosquitoes out) seem a little different than those I’m used to, and I’m just curious.

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