Machine of Death anthology hits #1 at Amazon

I mentioned my story “Improperly Prepared Blowfish” was included in the Machine of Death anthology. It was one of the first stories I ever sold, and the book is now out. In fact, yesterday the book was #1 on Amazon, because of “a clever bit of internet marketing that urged people to buy the book on October 26th.” That makes the book, a book in which one of my stories is included, a #1 Bestseller, folks. Wow.

No thanks to me, obviously, since I was busy and behind on email and forgot to post about the Oct. 26th scheme — and I feel badly about that — but my forgetting didn’t matter much: the book still hit the top of the chart. It’s a very neat anthology, and worth checking out… I don’t know when I’ll be receiving a copy, mind, but I am looking forward to it!

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