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Lots of things going on, and if you call me I’ll talk about them. But for those without my phone number, the things aren’t bloggable. Anyway, here are some things that are, which I’ll go ahead and post because I’ve got windows upon windows open with links I’d like to post:

And this video, which is an oldie but a goodie:

2 thoughts on “Things to…

  1. If the universe is billions and billions of years old and not 5000 years old, your oldie but a goodie is still a newborn.

    Now, this slightly older newborn is what I’d consider to be an oldie but a goodie of the film/video era, and where that video Bradbury loving artist may have gotten a bit of inspiration. It’s pretty funny that at the height of her career (back when the universe reeled), her music/films are light years from today’s under dressed and, mostly, less talented versions.

  2. John,

    True about the age of the universe. But then, by that frame of reference, everything in human history is newborn, and what’s the use of a frame of reference like that? (…for talking about media!)

    I’m not so crazy about Garland, though she was okay in The Wizard of Oz. (That Clark Gable song, though… what with the whole meta-referentiality: Hollywood building up the idea that everyone should be in love with Hollywood stars, and all.) But my lack of interest in Garland may just be subjective. I imagine I’d prefer Audrey Hepburn for some reason, though I haven’t widely explored movies from the “old days”…

    I think it’s hilarious that the song I linked is addressed to an elderly and “distinguished” SF author, of all people. By the way, I think there’s nothing wrong with being a little underdressed on occasion — it’s not as if skin is this comedian’s main schtick, after all. As for talent, well… she is a comedian, and I think she does it well.

    Another example here, which in fact I would have posted on this post if my net connection hadn’t crapped out that day.

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