Steam Injection Brewing? (and some Belgian brewing links)

Good grief, this sounds cool. (There are more posts on the subject, too, of course, like this one, or these ones, over here, if you search around.)

Like I said, it sounds cool, but a little hard to set up. Sometimes I wish I had a little stronger background with hardware and building stuff. I think I really would like to have a small steam-powered mash/boil setup.

Also, here are some links connected to Belgian beer, which I’m posting here so I can find them again, but which others might appreciate too:

  • I always forget to go and check out The Burgundian Babblebelt forum. I shouldn’t.
  • an article by Martin Lodhal, on Abbey beer styles.
  • I plan on doing like this guy for my next Saison: Rye malt for sure, though maybe more than 11% rye
  • Info on the American version of the Pale Ale style… personally, I’m likelier to do a Belgian Pale, but I’m experimenting with styles, so…
  • I want to make a collapsible manifold for my cooler, so I can use it as a mash tun… but I can’t find CPVC piping (online… I guess I need to go to the big plumbing market in Seoul, sigh). But this guide to making a coffin mash tun outlines exactly what I will do with the CPVC if I can get my hands on some… ah, the parti-gyles I will do, when I have this set up!

As for my brewing, I have a bunch of recipes I want to try out, but most excitingly I just got six gallons of this apple juice through a friend, and will be making an apple cider. I won’t have a full year to age it, mind, but I will at least have six or seven months for bulk aging it in a keg. That should be enough for it to become very enjoyable, if not absolutely in peak quality. (The bottles I hand out to friends at that time will, conversely, have a note urging them to age it for another six months before drinking.)

The cider-making should happen pretty soon: I’ll be getting a couple of ingredients and things I need (a kilo of white sugar, a small bucket for housing one of my carboys through a long secondary) tomorrow, and the carboy I’ll use for primary fermentation should be sterile by then if I fill it with a bleach solution tonight; likewise, the starter of Apple Cider Yeast I made a while back can be woken up and stepped up in time for pitching tomorrow, once the yeast has been gently woken from its slumber.

Any Korea-side brewers who are after some good apple cider, let me know. I may even end up blending two cider yeasts, since I have two… but the Wyeast apple cider I pitched was so wonderfully flocculative that I may just go with what I already had. Hmm.

In all honesty, the thing I need most is a couple more of those 4L Carlo Rossi wine jugs, for small-batches, mini-mead batches, and experiments. If anyone has one kicking around, I’ll give it a really good home!

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