Cthulhusattva Has Arrived

While I was traveling, some dark and terrible figure left something in our mailbox. A package containing these: Doubtless the intent was for me to stumble upon it after our return, and drive me mad, but really, I’m just pleased and excited by what I see flipping through it. I’m especially excited to find a poem by internet pal Bryan […]

Two Great Tastes… Wait, Three Great… Er, Four?

Before I left on holiday, I was reading through Geoffrey McKinney’s Carcosa and wondering what in the world I would do with it if I were running the game with my own group. It’s a dark, bizarre, fascinating mashup of odd subgenres. Carcosa squashes together: Sword & Planet adventure (think Barsoom, say) The Lovecraftian Cthulhu Mythos a […]

The Incursus at Big Echo

For those who read my blog but don’t follow along on Facebook or Twitter, my short story “The Incursus, by Asimov-NN#71” was published in the inaugural issue (Summer 2016) of Big Echo a few days ago. Big Echo is new. It bills itself as a site devoted to critical SF, and this story fits there; it’s about AIs, human consciousness, […]

The Incursus, by Asimov-NN#71

“The Incursus, by Asimov-NN#71” appeared in the Summer 2016 issue of Big Echo. This story was written in Saigon one afternoon when I asked myself what an AI would think about the Turing test, and when I’d just finished reading Stanislaw Lem’s wonderful A Perfect Vacuum, a collection of reviews for nonexistent books. I think Lem’s an […]