“Focus” in Analog

My short story “Focus” is in the current issue of Analog!

I was happy to discover this when I received contributor copies on Friday in the mail. (I’ve been too busy to post an update since then, and likewise I’m so behind on everything that I only noticed the story was out when I received the print copies…)

The story is set in Vietnam—in Saigon and a South Korean-run factory complex in nearby Bình Dương Province, and is about how companies parasitize everything—or, rather, convince us to allow them to parasitize everything to better serve their ends. It’s inspired in part by the Bình Dương Riots that happened in May 2014, while my wife and I were in Saigon, as well as by some of the people (Vietnamese locals and South Korean expatriates) whom we met while where were there. If you’d like to read more about the story behind the story—it’s short for this one—I have a post up in the Story Notes section of my site

It should be on newsstands in those places where it’s usually available. I think if you’re after a digital copy of the issue, you might be out of luck, since all the places you can subscribe to it digitally have the more recent July/August issue on the digital newsstand. There’s an empty page that’s supposed to contain information for digital back issues of Analog, though, so maybe some good news is coming? I’ll let you know if I learn anything.

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