#dungeon23 Days 110–152: Fantastique Fragment, Headwall Fragment, and Great Rift Megafragment

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Time for another #dungeon23 post.  For a while, I was updating this every time I completed a page, but it turns out that getting the time to do a post is harder than doing the scribbles once every day or two, so here’s an update that includes three fragments of the shattered hollow moon setting that I’ve been building in this exercise.  

Fantastique Fragment (20 April–4 May)

This one, I did with my son. It has a lot of fairytale-like stuff: a witch’s hut, cavemen who fly around on rocs, a village of catfolk, a swarm of tentacles attached to an AI (or elder god, or something), an army of tree-sized mushroom-people, and so on. We had a lot of fun: he came up with the ideas (sometimes refined through questions from me) and I added them to the map with a little explanation. 

Headwall Fragment (5 May–15 May)

I returned to working on this one alone, often during downtime at work. There’s some ancient megastructures, a dead riverbed, a village built into a cliff, and a musical garden of whistling plants, among other things. It’s very much a “Wander around and figure out why in the hell people built these things,” type of region. 

Great Rift Megafragment (16 May–1 June)

I’m getting more experimental here. This huge fragment is dominated by a large “great rift”—an enormous canyon wall that crosses the entire megafragment. It’s home to some settlements and is the nesting zone of some dangerous avian hunters. The upper side has hilly grasslands and mountains with a zone of broken repair machinery gone mada blinking tower structure, and the hunting territory of some gregarious, intelligent big cats. The valley below contains a dried-out and dead lake once fed by a waterfall that descended from the rift, a deadly zone with broken gravity control systems, a crystal monolith that is under slow construction by invisible forces, a sentient forest, and a few desperate and confused settlements, each with their own set of weird (i.e. not quite human) inhabitants. 

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