Coursera Jazz Improv Class, Week 2 Homework

It’s probably silly of me to start with a caveat, but: this weeks’ homework could have been easy if I’d let it be. It’s basically playing six scales or modes, then improvising freely on them. This is the kind of thing I do for warm-ups every day, no particularly challenging in itself, even if some […]

Altissimo and Productivity

In middle school, and early on in high school, I remember loving Saturday Night Live… which, for me, means “classic” SNL which, because I was born in 1974, means John Lovitz, Phil Hartman, Dennis Miller, Victoria Jackson (sigh) Jan Hooks, and Dana Carvey, mainly. But a highlight of the show–and what I always wished they’d include […]

Altissimo Chart for Yamaha YTS-32 Tenor Saxophone

UPDATE (31 July 2013): Well, I haven’t made much progress on developing this chart, so I haven’t updated the PDF, but I can report a few discoveries: Make sure the cork on the neck of your horn is not compressed to the point where the mouthpiece is even slightly loose. This will make it hard to play […]

On My Practicing: An Update

Original Post (updated at end of post): I have stopped posting here regularly about what’s going on with my return to playing the saxophone (because my practice log notebook, though no longer daily, is publicly available to anyone interested), but I’m in a contemplative mood about it all now, so I figured I’d post. In […]