Recovery Complete; Recovery Irrelevant

Well, I’ve finally recovered the complete contents of my blog. I’d intended to do so for quite a while, so why don’t I feel more excited about it? I guess bevause it doesn’t amount to much: maybe the first ten posts on my original Blogger blog (somehow still online though I haven’t posted there since 2003!), which […]

Patience Please…

UPDATE (later the same day): In addition to the below, may also see old posts being accidentally republished as new ones. I’m clearing out a few old plugins and that means removing some stuff from a few posts, and republishing them. I’ll try make sure things are in the right time settings, but it may […]

New Look

I spent the weekend, off-and-on, working on the theme for this site. I’m not completely happy with the result —  there are a few things I need to hammer out — but I feel like I’ve spruced up the place adequately to take down the Maintenance sign and let the site be open to the […]

Pardon the Mess…

Pardon the mess, all: some of the links around here are not going to work so well for the next few days, until I finish tidying up my template stuff around here. The good news is, I love my new template (courtesy of PressWork) and I think it makes my blog much more readable and […]