Meeting Mr. Lal

My first day in Sapporo, my third day in Japan, I was lucky enough to meet up with Lal, a very cool guy who’s been out there online for years — about 6 years, as he notes, of contact on the Culture List (and I think he showed up on the Brin-L too) and who […]

Home. One Piece.

And though WorldCon was fine — and spending time with friends there was great — I have classes sometime tomorrow so posting about it shall have to wait. Expect pictures, though none by me from the Con. I just never felt like it. But I will link to those posted by others. And I’ll photograph […]

“Cut off a Piece of My Foot”

… sounds a little more dramatic than, “removed some very dry and hardened pieces of skin that were causing massive blisters, swelling, and pain,” but I swear, it felt like the latter. I have gauze on my foot. It was just this morning. I’m a little afraid to look. The worst thing to be told, while […]

Writing and Obsessions

Reading scififanatic’s blog, I came across an interesting post about writing and obsessions, actually linking back to velourmane’s post on the subject. (You can find the link there.) I personally am obsessed with all kinds of things, and also develop minor obsessions all the time, just long enough to really get into something and research […]

Tokyo, and ahhhhh.

I’m in Tokyo again. Looks like I’ll be there until sometime on Wednesday evening, when I make my way to Yokohama. If there’s anyone in Tokyo who reads this blog and feels like meeting up, email me! (I’m not expecting anything, but I do get some hits from Japan — in fact, more official hits […]