Mead “Brewday”: Meadmaking & Bottling & So On…

Last night, I bottled my “Belgian Pale Ale”. It feels a bit weird to call anything that utterly hoppy by the name, though: it’s definitely out of style, even though the IBUs and the yeast and all are right. The magic of late additions gave this beer a really over-the-top hop flavor (tons of lemon […]

No Boil Bokbunja Melomel

UPDATE (17 Dec. 2010): I wrote this up on Tuesday but forgot to post it. Therefore, it refers to a future act which actually happened on Wednesday. Just so you know. The melomel, incidentally, is in a bucket right by my desk, bubbling away happily. Must remember to do a DAP addition this evening. And […]

Wow, JAO Now…

Well, today’s a bit day for brewing stuff, as I have a few things to get done/out of the way before the weekend arrives, and because I decided to give myself a little fun to make up for the frustration I’m having with Emart’s website. (I’ve been ordering groceries online without real problems for over […]

The Compleat Meadmaker by Ken Schramm

Those who know me personally know that my passions tend to kind of take over. When I am interested in something, it begins to occupy a big part of my mind. I think about it a lot. I talk about it a lot. Those who know me are used to it, I suspect. Hanging out […]

Melomel, or Hot Pepper Pilsner? Why Not Both?

So, I just finished racking my chocolate stout over a good 3.5 kilos of bing cherries in syrup and about 2/3rds of a bottle of cacao liqueur, plus some dried cocoa powder. It’s going to start fermenting again, which is going to be interesting since the carboy is almost full. I need to check the […]