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  1. Junsok Yang
    Junsok Yang December 10, 2012 at 11:54 am . Reply

    Try this one for size. I was the point man for hiring a foreign faculty member for the economics department in 2004. (I believe our department was the first non-language department to hire a foreign foriegn professor). I had to go through an amazing amount of BS because the university administration tried to force-fit everything to the existing regulations. The most ridiculous thing I remember is having to send out forms for the foreign applicants to fill out, but all the forms (not necessarily translated into English) were in .hwp format, which is only used in Korea. If we tried to send the blank form by fax, we couldn’t use the department fax, because these were restricted to domestic use only.
    Some of my professional work involves dealing with regulations, so I worked with people from Ministry of Knowledge Industry, Ministry of Finance and Planning, the Prime Minister’s Office, the Public Procurement Service, the Customs Service – the usual suspects for idiotic bureaucracy. Actually, they were well aware of the possible problems with bad or inefficient bureaucracy, and they can be amazingly helpful.
    Our university administration is worse than any of the government bureaucrats in the organizations listed above. I suspect that they intentionally make it this hard so 1) cover their ass (naturally) and 2) they want to encourage people not to fill out paperwork, so that they don’t have to work or take responsibility since they have the perfect excuse – it’s the professor’s fault. (To be fair, I’ve also heard that a lot of these silly things are required by Ministry of Human Resources (Education)).
    (Which is not to say that all government workers are uniformly helpful. The ones with bad reputations are – Ministry of Human Resources (Education. It figures, right?), Ministry of Gender Affairs (which in Korean is translated “Ministry of Women”), Ministry of Environment, Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, and National Assemblymen (Congressmen – unless, of course, they get a side payment)).
    My own conclusion for the last 3-4 years is that my blood pressure doesn’t need the hassle. Let the system break down. Any efforts to assist them maintain this system by being helpful (by filling out silly, unnecessary paperwork, or attend idiotic meetings) only raises my blood pressure and keeps this idiotic system in place.

  2. joeytrash
    joeytrash December 12, 2012 at 3:40 am . Reply

    I find that when you start cheering against korean teams out of spite it’s time for a holiday

    as for the slick brick problem, if I’m not mistaken we sit on a granite shelf which projects into the pacific

    the drive toward domestic materials means that all of our interiors, exteriors and sidewalks are covered in frictionless mall food-court granite tiling

    and when polished granite gets wet or snowy it strongly encourages pedestrians to bodycheck the ground

    especially if they are wearing insulated crocs

    it’s all the granite’s fault, I tell you

    the granite

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