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UPDATE (2 Feb. 2012): I’ve moved things around since 2003, including uploading some more music and also creative work from other fields. If you look up at the top of this page, you should be able to find links for all that.

ORIGINAL POST: Okay, for people who skim… I’m gonna make this clear, because I mentioned it before but someone mentioned not seeing it.

There are some recordings available on this website of me performing music. The Dabang Band tracks are probably very familiar, but the Apocrypha tracks may not be. So I’ve added them to my music section.

You can see the music section of this page by scrolling down the page, and paying attention to the right sidebar.

Apocrypha is a band I played in when I lived in Saskatoon. I played saxophones and some percussion, as well as sometimes singing or reading poems. Marie Vasquez sang and played percussion, and Phil Greer and Keenan Gauthier DJed the backing tracks masterfully and sensitively. I have a whole CD of tracks from a live show we did, which someone did some production work on, and I’ll slowly make more tracks available over the next year.

I also plan on posting some recordings of pieces I composed during my music studies, when I get a chance. I have them here on DAT tape and it’s only a case of begging a favour at a local studio to turn them into audio tracks on a CD. Which will make me a very happy man, because it will allow me to post them here and share them with you…

Please check out any or all of these songs and post (here) any comments you happen to have about them.

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