More April Foolery

Gord: “Hey Dad, what time is it there?”
Dad: “Uh, 4:30am.”
Gord: “Oh, damn, sorry. I didn’t mean to wake you.”
Dad: “It’s okay. What’s up?”
Gord: “Well… I don’t know how to say this… uh, I’m going to just come out and say it. I guess.”
Dad: “What?”
Gord: “You know how Marie’s pregnant? And you thought Marie was gonna give you your first grandchild?”
Dad: “Yeah.”
Gord: “Well… wrong.”
Dad: “What?”
Gord: “Um… she’s not the first. It’s me.”
Dad: (serious tone)”When?”
Gord: “Um… last week. I didn’t know.”
Dad: “I see.”
Gord: “I don’t know what I’m going to do, though, because… there’s another one.”
Dad: “Another what?”
Gord: “Another baby.”
Dad: “How?”
Gord: “Different girl.”
Dad: “When?”
Gord: “Couple of months from now.”
Dad: “Mmm.”
Gord: “Hey Dad… what day is today?”
Dad: “Um… it’s April 2nd.”
Gord: “Are you sure?”
Dad: “No, wait, it’s the first…”
Gord: (evil laughter)
Dad: “Damn.” (laughter) “You got me.”
Gord: “Happy April Fool’s Day, Dad.”
Dad: “Right. I have some questions about your plane ticket…”

The rest of the conversation wasn’t that interesting… not enough to post. But, I did get him, and good. Unfortunately, he warned my Mom, so when I tried to pull the same stunt on her, she already knew what was coming. Ah well… I’ll go try my sisters if one of them is online…

6 thoughts on “More April Foolery

  1. And I got both Charlie and my sister Marie with the same damned prank. And my sister Marie almost got her husband with it too (he said she would have, had he not been so conscious of what day it was). Damn good, this one!

    I am, however, amazed that anyone believed any of this story. It just goes to show you, it could happen to anyone, I suppose. The scandal… my goodness.

  2. Very rich, Mr. Sellars! I sooo wanted to do something similar, but the worker bee’s at Takahashi were frantically buzzing about. Aargh! :\


  3. hey!
    you did a good job~
    it’s really funny!!
    i wanna try that lying next time to my Mom.
    my Mom will be shocked, or she won’t believe
    what i’m saying, i guess.

    and I also know, i can’t tell a lie to my Dad.
    he’ll be too shocked to death. »»»

  4. This is very good and fuuny but not very useful for me….if I do this trick on my mother, she will have a heartattack right at the moment she hears it;one grandchild already and another coming soon without her knowledge?
    No way…
    Because I’m a woman..
    Too bad …that is a damn good trick!

  5. Good Morning,

    I suppose you shall have to tell your mom it’s twins, then. :) Unless, of course, you have a brother. Then you could just tell her that he’s in this situation, but is afraid to tell her. Hahaha. Or that your ex-boyfriend is in this situation, and that you think he should choose the other girl. Or you could, as I recommended to someone else, just claim that you’re pregnant, don’t know who the father is (incidentally), but also act as if it’s such a wonderful, happy piece of news, as if you’re not at all worried or surprised and as if you think mom should be happy too… that oughtta drive her crazy till she realizes it’s a joke. :)

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