New Banners Added

I just cleaned out my camera, meaning some newer pics will be added to my photoblog. (I expect to add more once I get a day free, especially my many pics from India.) But for now, all I’ve done is added nine new banners to the site. They’re on high rotation so you should see […]

Gateway Drugs, and the Separation of Corp and State

For those of you who have been living under a rock, a quick explanation. A gateway drug is a drug which is known to lead to the use of “harder”, more damaging and addictive drugs. Gateway drugs are often seen as innocuous in and of themselves and it’s government flacks we need to tell us […]

Life and Love in the Expatriate World

Here’s an article about the hardships with foreign women face living in Asia. Some of it comes as no surprise to me, but anyway, it’s worth a read. This is a story that reinforces stereotypes that some people will reject, and other people, like Julie Sleva, will endorse wholeheartedly: For single Western men, Asia can […]

The Real Story About Columbine

John Wendel sent me a link for a fascinating article by one Dave Cullen titled: The Depressive and the Psychopath – At last we know why the Columbine killers did it. . Seems as if everyone, from the popular media to the schoolmates, got it wrong. This wasn’t really a case of neglected kids, or […]

17th Century Breast-Baring

It seems, according to the Discovery Channel website, as if women baring their breasts in public was neither objectionable nor unfashionable during several periods of British history, including the 1600s. Funny how conservatively we portray history, compared to how it really was. And they would be amused, wouldn’t they, at the shock and scandal over […]