Bugsmusic Dabang

I know it’s a little late since I quit the band a while ago, but some of you haven’t heard the songs from the more recent CD. I walked into the office to hear one of the songs, which was playing on the office PC. It was being streamed from Bugsmusic, and this is the page where all the tracks can be viewed and streamed from.

UPDATE 20 January 2005: That link above doesn’t display all of the songs we have online there, but this one does.

And here are links to where you can check out some of my favorite Korean groups: The Uh Uh Boo Project Band, Hwang Shin Hae Band, the folksinger Kim Kwang Seok, Plastic People, 3rd Line Butterfly, and E Pak Sa.

Hmm. Now I am thinking I could use this to listen to all kinds of Korean jazz music, if only I could get some names. Hmm. I shall have to do that, then…

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