A Response To Frank Furedi

Sociologist Frank Furedi recently published an article at Spiked about “Our unhealthy obsession with sickness”. The arguments he makes all, it seems to me, are mistaken. It’s rare I disagree with someone so completely on a topic outside of politics, so I thought I’d go ahead and explain why I disagree… not with a few […]

On Manufactured Realities…

Check out this article at mssv.net, by Adrian Hon, for a fascinating look at alternate reality games in the context of a much older tradition of reality-artifice stretching back 3900 years (at least).

The Smack Shack Attack… (and Philosophical Excerpts.)

My friend Marvin’s been a busy boy lately. Aside from posting links to things like films about Kung Fu Fighting toy hamsters on heroin, he’s also posted a magum opus on postmodernism and empiricism to New Sophists’ Almanac. You can see the first post here, and follow up with part 2, part 3, part 4, […]

You Belong in Pictures

So there’s a theater where you can watch an animation that includes characters based on the face scans of everyone in the theater. Yes, you get your face scanned and show up as a character in the movie, in Grand Odyssey Futurecast System. As the blogger at The Speculist from whom I thieved the link […]