Check this out!

Kang Tae Hwan, on bugsmusic. Not easy listening, in any sense of the word, but pretty fascinating that a band like this exists at all in Korea. It’s right up there with the German freejazz guys who used to pass through my hometown during Festival time. Where and when can I see these guys (him […]

Office Annoyances

This week Laura asks the Friday Fivers: Sharing an office with one or more people can be a bit of a strain sometimes. Humour me, name five annoying habits of co-workers you’ve had to put up with. Or are YOU the one who chews with his mouth open or types aloud? No fair, Laura. I […]

Busy busy busy

I thought I’d get a chance to finish reading these stories sent to me by a fine SF writer who, because she’s Korean American, I thought might be of interest over here and decided to interview. But two things had to get done first: one, I had to respond to Marvin’s thoughts over at New […]

Change of Heart

Okay, finally, a change of heart. Now I know I definitely need to live in Seoul someday. And to bring my saxophones. And to practice occasionally in the meantime. Why? Bulgasari.

Mata Hari?

According to the Dead Celebrity Soulmate Search, I’d go well with Mata Hari. I have no idea what that says about me. via Tedious and Brief?