Movable Type Blues

I don’t know what’s causing it, but my installation of Movable Type is behaving somewhat strangely. I can’t figure out exactly why, but I’m wondering if installing the new, upgraded version will help. While I do want to port over to WordPress, I’m scared about the learning curve and figure that for now, it’d be […]

New Semester

This is my participation semester. I’ve only made one important change to my classes, and that is basing 40% of students’ grades on participation and homework. Otherwise, my syllabus is basically the same. I will, however, be doing up a sheet that I can hand out next week, if I can enlist some help. It’s […]

Comments, Argh!

Seems something’s wrong with the comments system. Maybe it’s time to port over to wordpress, next week. But I’m running out to Seoul for the day to take in a Bulgasari show with a friend. So anyway, please don’t be distressed if your comments don’t show up right away. I’ll have to rebuild for you […]

Ze Last Show

Well, last night the band had their last show. What can I say? First of all, hearing them again after almost a year was very interesting; I haven’t managed to go to any of their shows since I left the band, and hearing what they’d been doing since then was quite interesting. The guitarist they […]