Another Earthquake…

Another major earthquake, rocking Pakistan this time, and you know, it gives me this weird, creepy feeling like someone or something out there in the universe is finally beginning to have had enough of us.

Not that I actually believe in anything out there to get tired of us and start doing this sort of thing. I don’t imagine any Cthulhu or Yahweh or Demiurge out there watching us and responding to our actions. It’s just, you know, I can totally understand the root impulse for the feeling of suspicion that this might be the case, because I feel the same vaguely paranoid sense. Little wonder our ancestors started worshipping beings out of fear, and sacrificing animals in the hope of slaking their alien thirsts.

One thought on “Another Earthquake…

  1. Cheers. Now I REALLY want that Krakatoa book Mom had that I didn’t have the chance to read while she was here (and that she wanted to take back with her, of course). :(

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