See the Odeo thing? In the Sidebar?

It’d be nice to hear some long-ago voices again. If you’re just cruising in, feel free to leave me a voice message. It’s like voicemail, online. Very kewl, etc. Because one of the things about living abroad is, you don’t hear many of your friends’ voices for extended periods of time. Which sux.

Those Mohammed Cartoons

I was traveling when the whole thing about the cartoons of Mohammed his the world media. My first reaction was to think, “Jeez, guys, chill out. It’s just cartoons by infidels! It’s not as if your media doesn’t make nasty cartoons too, you know. Now, I know that it’s considered wrong to depict Mohammed, and […]

Not Making That Tom Waits Joke

…because it’s not true, it’s just that the rooms are so small here in Japan that I feel really big. Everything on TV twenty minutes ago was deeply weird, but it seems to have normalized now. Free internet in my room, the Sun Life Hotel in Fukuoka. If I had readers in Japan, I’d put […]

Cory’s Podcasts

Are any of my readers doing like me, and enjoying the absolutely wonderful podcasts that Cory Doctorow has made of his short (and longish) stories — some of them in progress, others previously published? I’m really enjoying them, so much so that I’m even considering doing something like this myself with stories in progress, or […]

On My Way, Part 2

Well, I was planning to post, “I’m Here,” as the follow-up to the last post, but now I find myself on my way again. I was in my apartment by 5:00pm and Lime dropped by with coffee, the angel, and after that we went around Bucheon for a while. At first I thought I wasn’t […]