Too Late But Fun

During a marking break, I finally got a chance to experiment with the mashup tool that Yahoo created for the San Francisco International Film Festival. I was too late to be eligible for my video mashup to be entered into the contest and played on the big screen, but it was fun nonetheless. The mashup […]

When the Government Tries to Get Its Hands On Your…

This article in Glamour was linked by someone on Culturelist, and it’s rather sobering. Rightwing religious fanatics trying to control the reproduction even of people who aren’t members of their religion… it’s sick, like so much of the Right in America.

Weirdest Recipe Yet

My Elementary Writing students were working with forms of organization, and we touched upon the structures of lists. Lists of items in which order doesn’t matter — say, ingredients in a recipe, where we just list with commas and an “and” before the last item, and sequence lists, where we outline a series of steps […]

Plagiarism and Learning

Reading “Why plagiarists do it” by Jack Schafer puts me in mind of the work of marking piles of essays, writing assignments, and exams. One of my students plagiarized in a way I haven’t yet seen. I could tell almost as soon as I saw the text — without reading it, even — that it […]