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Seeing that Dabang Band CDs seem to be all sold out, and seeing that as far as I know, we have no outstanding legal responsibilities to Cavare (the label for the Product CD, who’s never disclosed how many CDs sold or how much money was made, or any other contractual stuff since the contracts were signed and disappeared) I’ve gone ahead and updated this site’s “Tunes (with me in ‘em)” subpage to include all tracks from the first two Dabang Band CDs. I’m going to confirm with the other band members and then if they’re okay with it, release it under a Creative Commons license, likely one that will allow free use and remixing as long as it’s noncommercial (with commercial rights reserved).

For readers who don’t know, I was the saxophonist in this band, Dabang Band, from 2002-2004. I quit in November, I think. The band continued on till the following summer, when the drummer departed for Texas.

As for Apocrypha, it’s a “band” I played in only occasionally, with my ex-wife and a couple of DJs in Saskatoon. Ambient music, soft and quiet with loud and shimmery bits. Singing, and a VERY bad poetry recitation by myself.


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