Boribap is also not very funny

If you haven’t had boribap, and if you cannot read Korean, it means “barley rice”. It’s often used in a kind of be bim bap (mixed rice) dish, where you take the rice (boiled with barley) and mix in vegetables and some hot sauce, stir it all up real good, and eat it. And then […]

Vitreous humour is not funny

For those who arewondering why my eye has been bugging me, the process of liquefaction of the vitreous humour — the jelly like stuff that makes up the bulk of your eye — is discussed in this Wikipedia article. I was asked recently what was happening with my eye, and gave a long explanation I […]

Rhythm method criticised as a killer of embryos

A link from this mailing list I’m sort of on, in one of the few threads I’ve been reading: a scientist criticises the rhythm method as a killer of embryos. Essentially, he’s saying that the incidence of intercourse at the fringes of the fertile period causes conception of far more embryos that can’t survive, and […]

Is It Better? Is It Not?

Frankly, I can’t say at this point. I’ve changed so much in the hope of alleviating some of the problems with my eye, that I’m still not adjusted to all of those changes yet. I honestly won’t know for a day or two how they’re panning out… at the soonest. However, I have at least […]

Tune the Damned Thing

While I have been trying to rest my eyes, one of the things I’ve noticed is that trying not to look at anything too long, or in a way that strains your eyes, leads to you noticing more about your aural surroundings — the sounds that surround you. This morning, I woke to what I […]