Submissions Out, So Back to the Grind

It’s pathetic to admit it, but the real reason I finally got off my butt and sent subsmissions out was because we had a challenge set up among my classmates from my Clarion West class, that we would send at least six stories out within the first three months after the end of the workshop. […]


As if I wasn’t busy enough already… I’m going to upgrade to the newest version of WordPress over the next couple of days, and see what happens. This might affect the layout a bit, but that’s fine — I’ve been thinking about migrating to a modified Hemingway layout anyway. Things might get funky around here […]

AllConsuming Down?

Anyone else out there having this problem? I searched the Web for complaints but couldn’t find any. When I try to load nothing comes up… which has significantly slowed the loading speed of my own site, since I had a couple of feeds from my consumption lists on display on my pages. Has anyone […]

Now Using Flickr

I’m now using Flickr to host my photos, as you can see from the new photo-block and link in the sidebar. I have uploaded a bunch, and with my pro account, I’ll be able to upload a bunch more. All I need to do is get around to doing it. I have 2 gigs of […]