Big Sigh of Relief

I was up until 4am this morning working on gradesheets and last-minute grading of a very leniently-graded set of creative assignments. Some of the stuff my Media English students did was really, well, as Lime put it, “Brilliant!” I wish I could post them online — I planned to do it on my class website, […]

Moon Over Yodok

For those who haven’t checked out the latest Clarkesworld, David Charlton’s Moon Over Yodok is a really worthwhile story. Having recently read Kang Chul Hwan’s gluag memoir The Aquariums of Pyongyang, I’ve been cribbing from it in my own depiction of the the Yodok prison camp, so I can’t fault Charlton for his heavy reliance […]

W-a-T Update

I’m starting to think the daily update might get tedious, so I’m going to keep updating the one-post a week and go with that. So: Wednesday’s progress is as follows: McWar: 1,381 words To the Happy Country: 1,129 words Daily Total: 2,501 words Total words Week 1 (so far): 10,304 words The tough thing, of […]