Pimping Hell

Postcards from Hell is a new fiction venue that sends you little stories on little postcards. It’s a new market, which is a rare bird in SF these days, and the start of something big… maybe. But for it to be that, it has to pay for itself. That depends on how many people are willing to pay a little chunk of money for a subscription. 13 weeks, 13 stories, and the cost (for subscribers in the US) is $6.66. You gotta love that. And anyway, it’s a cool idea. I thought it was a cool idea as soon as I heard of it. I subscribed long before I ever got an email notifying me of acceptance, because an idea like this deserves to fly.

In the wake of US Postal rate increases, Postcards announced a deal where you can subscribe to their e-cards and, should you enjoy it enough to want to switch to print, you can do so easily and at a fair price. You should give this new fiction venue a shot; it’s got some very promising names in the lineup, and, I imagine, some excellent stuff in store for its subscribers!

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