Write-a-Thon, Week 2 Complete

Whew. I just ran right to the end of the stuff I thought up yesterday and today, and I have a vague idea what’s coming next, but I have some time tomorrow to think it over and plan it out. Plus a lot of time in the next week to work on it. Here’s my wordcount update.

Saturday, June 30th, 2007

To the Happy Country…:  4418 words

Weekly Total: 15166 words

Writhathon Total: 30,845

Four more weeks to go, and Lime’s laughing at me for finally figuring out that, yeah, my goals and quotas were a bit, well, optimistic. But the story is coming together. I may, however, take a bit of side time and work on Jing the Quae, since that story is starting to nag me, from its shadows of neglect, to get some sketching and drafting done.

What I’m looking forward to is some time for reading, now that I have no more grading to do, and only have to reply to those “Please give me a higher grade because I’m begging for it regardless of my test scores or ability” emails. I would also be looking forward to mountain hiking but it’s turning out to be a little rainy these days so I may be doing more time in the gym and less on the mountainside, unfortunately. But I am, at least, getting in a daily walk. I’m also tearing through seasons of the American TV drama The West Wing. I’m not exactly sure why it captivates me so much, but I like it and I am watching it somewhat obsessively at the moment. (Mid-season 5 right now.)

Lime and I even picked up some nice healthy food… ironically, after having bloody steak for dinner. Real peanut butter… with peanut oil and everything! Woo!

Oh, last thing: I’ll be listing (if not extensively reviewing) my readings of June in a post tomorrow. I read fewer books, but only because I have been reading big fat books lately. Big fat history/nonfiction books. Right, I MUST stop typing. I’ve typed enough for today. Seriously!

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