Things You Learn Surfing the OED

Here I am, looking for a K-word to complete an acronym for a Superhero Teams Control Board — the Shoopah Units Control K_______ — and what do I find? A beautiful new word:

“The government of a state by the worst citizens.”

That’s just begging to be used in a title somewhere. There’s a story I’ve long wanted to write, about a mailing list meltdown I experienced once, long ago. I always wanted to write something of an allegory about it set in a space station, or a generation ship, or something. This word will be in the title of it, should I ever get around to writing that.

For the record, I’m about 1000 words away from my weekly total, with something like 3500 words done today.

Update (a few minutes later): I’m going with Shoopah Units Klutz Control Office (or maybe Knowledge Control Office). S.U.K.C.O. Got the misspelling in there and everything. It’s not quite right, but closer than ten minutes ago.

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