It wasn’t the sake: a number of members of the Wadomo tribe that lives in the Zambeze Valley in Zimbabwe (which was what Rhodesia became but my father’s military service was over by then… and there’s another tribe in Botswana with the same condition, as well as a few random people elsewhere) have some weird mutation […]

Writing and Obsessions

Reading scififanatic’s blog, I came across an interesting post about writing and obsessions, actually linking back to velourmane’s post on the subject. (You can find the link there.) I personally am obsessed with all kinds of things, and also develop minor obsessions all the time, just long enough to really get into something and research […]

Tokyo, and ahhhhh.

I’m in Tokyo again. Looks like I’ll be there until sometime on Wednesday evening, when I make my way to Yokohama. If there’s anyone in Tokyo who reads this blog and feels like meeting up, email me! (I’m not expecting anything, but I do get some hits from Japan — in fact, more official hits […]