Great Progress

I’ve made great progress on a few things:

  • Textbook editing is almost at an end! A few more hours of hell and it’s all over! Whew!
  • “Lester Young…” is now essentially rewritten. I need a good hour to proofread it and then I can send it off! (I’m reworking it for a major magazine. More news when I have something final to announce.)
  • A great deal of “Eight Days” fell into place in the last couple of days. Chunks of it just sort of bubbled up out of my subconscious, and insisted on being written. I also made a couple of major changes to the story — the structure needs some more work, as well as the arrangement of the modular pieces. It’s just a case of figuring out the internal shape of the story, and how the modular parts need to lock together.
  • I’ll be proofreading my story about Mo Sa the monk this weekend; mostly, again, just cuts, shifts (moving things around a lot, removing a few feints and flinches). I’m optimistic about being able to send out my stories for Fantasistent around the next of next week, which should mean they’ll arrive before the deadline (if I pay a little extra for quicker postal service).

After that, I think I’ll take a week off writing and do some relaxing reading, as well as catch up with other things.

Also, this Friday, I think I’ll go get my ribs looked at. I don’t know if I mentioned this, but one evening last week, I had a very strange sensation, as if a fish had slapped itself against the inside of my ribs, and breathing or rolling on that side was slightly uncomfortable. It got better, but it’s still sensitive. I’m too busy at the moment, and it doesn’t outright hurt, but I think it’d be worth getting that looked at. Lime thinks it’s nothing serious, but I still would like to know what the hell it actually was.

(Though, if it’s just muscle pain, as Lime suggests, then no trace will remain and nothing will show up anywhere. However, I think there’s something up with the rib. The one side feels, um, less solid than the other, and the ache kind of comes and goes. However, I hope I’m just obsessing about nothing.)

5 thoughts on “Great Progress

  1. He’s on the list — I think I’ve read an essay before, as I’ve the impression he’s good — but I haven’t anything of his on hand. Those were mostly just books I picked up while in Japan. Which text of Buruma’s do you recommend?

  2. “Inventing Japan” is a good place to start, but I really like Buruma and would recommend anything written by him. Have you started the Alan Bloom yet?

    The comment box looks good, but a little smaller than I recall.

  3. Yeah, it’s smaller now. It seems to size itself to the default font of the browser, so on my PC (where the default size is pretty big) the comment box was extending out into the blogroll. I think I’ll have to assign a default font to it, so I can style it.

    Thanks for the recommendation. I was also considering “Inventing Japan.” I haven’t started the Bloom yet — it just got here, and I only just (2 hours ago) finished the gojira-sized editing job. I hope to get to it in the spring, to be honest. There’s a backlog of books I need to get to first.

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