Making Groups Work

Over the last week, my students have been making a series of unusual presentations. In my bid to: make conversation classes more interesting, and get students to think about conventional problems in unconventional ways, … my second-most-recent homework assignment for them was to consider major potential problems like a possible influenze pandemic; global warming; peak […]

Train Sabotage in France

Sometimes it seems like folks such as William Gibson and Bruce Sterling might be right in having turned to non-SF in recent years, since, after all, the world is just as surprising as cyberpunk was. Like, for example, with this orchestrated sabotage on the French railway system reported by BBC news: France’s high-speed TGV rail […]

On Ze Plate

… ‘zere is too much! I’m a little behind on grading, but not as much as I thought I would be a week ago. I have an unknown amount of textbook-editing left to go, but at least three full books I’ll need to proofread (possibly more than once for one of them) in the next […]