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UPDATE (5 May 2008): It’s over a million signatures now.

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I know, I know, Korean netizens and all that, but still, you’d think Marmot’s might have posted the story before me, yet I couldn’t find it.There’s an online petition at Daum calling for the impeachment of President Lee, basically just over dumb policies and scandalous news we’ve seen in the last four months. It’s at 56,000+ signatures, at the moment, but some netizens are claiming that 10,000 signatures mysteriously disappeared sometime last night.

There are also T-shirts available online with the naughty-looking rodent logo that appears on the linked page, which, apparently, is supposed to look like Lee. He has a half-orange on his tail because…. er, I can’t remember. But anyway, the writing below the image says, “I didn’t vote for him,” and includes a spelling mistake in Korean that Lee himself made when promoting English as a language of instruction for teaching Korean history, among other subjects.

I’m curious to see where it goes — whether it gets a significant number of signatures, whether it gets shut down before then, and how much data-tampering goes on in the process.

If anyone really wants one of the T-shirts, let me know, I’ll get Lime to pass me the link.

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