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I’ve uploaded the last of my 2MB Demo pics, from the last big night (July 5th), here.

Oops! Some were from the Catholic “Emergency” Mass, and thus are now in this set. Some were from the last big night, July 5th, in this set. I found some pics from earlier on, too — the best guess I can make is June 11th, in this set. I added a couple to the first set also, shots which I found just now in the wrong folder.  And of all things, a shot from the trip I made to the local temple on the Buddha’s Birthday with a couple of friends. There’s a pic in there that made me think of the banner at Gusts of Popular Feeling, but it may just be a trick of the mind — not to say a Vulcan mind trick:

Popular Gusts of Buddha's Birthday?

Not much from the evening of July 5th, I’m afraid, and they’re all a bit grainy… I was exhausted as it was — and left the camera on a very high ISO setting — and was, to be utterly frank, rather tired of the demos in general. And I’d only gone a handful of times as it was!

Candle Girl

I did wish I had my camera on my the other night, though. Lime and I had just gone shopping in Dongdaemun for some new work clothes for her (new job!) and we saw a bedegraggled pack of diehards marching in plastic raincoats. Just about everyone had a flag of some kind, which tells you something — having a flag means you’re definitely a member of some organization or other.

All I could think was, “Man, if you do it every day, how’re you even gonna have the strength to do anything when you really need to? You’ll be going, Nah, I’m tired, I did my part, and I just wanna have a beer and watch Misuda today…’ and that’s gonna be when nationalized health insurance goes out the window. Dudes, go home!

Lime, for her part, just shook her head at them and said, “Let’s go.”

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6 thoughts on “For the Two People Interested…

  1. Regarding the shot that looks like my blog’s banner, those we’ve the state buildings can be seen at night from just south of Gimpo Airport, which surprised me the first time I noticed them while on a bus to Bucheon. At 30 stories, I suppose they’re the tallest buildings there – and well lit up.

    I spent last week and this weekend watching Firefly and the film Serenity, which has a planet where a chemical put into the atmosphere processors to calm the population causes everyone to become so calm that they stop doing everything (like eating) and let themselves die. I was reminded of that with your comment about the protesters being made too tired to bother protesting anything in the future. ‘Go home’ is good advice, especially now that the Dokdo hormone looks like it will be injected into the Mad Cow protests…

  2. From Gimpo? My God.

    Yeah, I haven’t watched more than a few episodes of Firefox Firefly (oops!)… wasn’t quite my thing. But the lethargy planet sounds familiar, I think I recently read a story about that idea or something. Golden-Agey.

    In any case, yes, I think Go Home is a good idea. But, then, happily, it seems like most people have gone home. I hope they don’t get drawn out by this. There are such bigger issues that loom, just far enough off that people can take a rest first.

  3. It’s funny that the title was “for the two people interested” and the post had two comments.

    (until this one. will you change the post title to “for the three people interested” now?)

  4. Depends: were you interested in the pictures?

    Besides, the “two” implicitly excludes me, so its still only two comments from people other than me. :)

  5. Actually, the southernmost part of Gimpo is just 5km away from those buildings. It’s the same with the Magok fields near my house – a little bit of flat land lets you see a long way. On a clear day I can see Bukhansan or a mountain south of Bucheon.

    Actually, in Serenity, only 99.9% were affected by the lethargy drug. The rest were not so lethargic. One of those moments where you realize how large or important 0.1% can be…

  6. I didn’t know Gimpo was that close. My mental geography kind of sucks, actually — Lime often teases me about it. I’m about as useful a navigator as a blind man is a fashion coordinator.

    Ha, maybe the lethargy hit me too. I watched part of Serenity and then fell asleep. I think the optimal SF movie for me hasn’t been made. And probably never will get made. (Though Primer was close… if only I were actually, you know, obsessed enough to go back and tease out exactly what was going on!)

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