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I wager most commenters over at Marmot’s don’t imagine this much attention is paid to what they say. (Then again, I can’t imagine most would care, but…)

Someone out there seems to have translated the comments thread at Marmot’s Hole for the discussion on the beef import policy protests I’ve discussed in recent posts.

(I guess this might explain some of the new traffic I’ve been getting from what, judging by the usernames, look like Korean users I’ve never met before. I was wondering how that happened, and thought it might be my new story that’s in the July issue of Asimov’s, which I’ve heard a few people have received, but I guess it had to do with my link-wielding over at Marmot’s. Anyway, if you’re new around here, welcome! Pull up a chair! Have some Australian beef with me., while we know it’s still Australian.)

Incidentally, someone, by email, mistakenly — or maybe not? — referred to as “The Maggot’s Lair” and cracked me up, because the comments section there, at least, often reminds me of a nest of wriggling maggots!

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2 thoughts on “Translations from the Maggot’s Lair Marmot’s Maggoty Comment Lair Hole

  1. Actually, that post and comment thread was translated and posted at several Korean sites. Not the first time, either. Guess I should be thankful — I’d hate to translate all that stuff for free.

  2. Yeah, I was told the same thing just a few minutes ago. I’m also told a reasonable number of the comment responses left at some of those sites bear out my argument that most of the commenters are missing what the Koreans involved think is the point, which is more to do with pragmatic and political concerns and less to do with manipulation of kids, anti-Americanism, and horror stories sent by text-message.

    Mind you, I haven’t read the comments, or tried, and the person who told me happened to agree with me. I’m not sure how much confirmation bias is involved.

    Weirdly, the site wasn’t displaying all of a sudden, after I linked it from your site.

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