Almost as Entertaining as a Bollywood Film

shahrukh khan

Which is high praise coming from me. I’m sure nobody will be shocked to know I have the soundtrack to Om Shanti Om in my headphones as I write this. When my aging finally process reverses and I slide back into a world before a gut and bad ankles and having to make a living and all the rest of the stuff that keeps me busy, I think I want to (un-) grow up be Shahrukh Khan. You know, I’m not saying the man is immature, it’s just: wouldn’t it be just the best fun to dance seductively with Aishwarya Rai and Preity Zinta and Deepika Padukon, and lip-synch to all the hottest songs, and get paid just to be handsome?

Okay, maybe not. Lots of sweat and hard work and being on the road, I bet. Looks good on the big screen, though.

Anyway, it’s not in the cards — in this life, anyway — so when I need entertainment, I turn to GUD. Which publishes good stuff, including stuff by friends of mine and that makes GUD officially cool. And they’re launching issue 3, which you should check out. Like, buy it, or pay to get an electronic edition.

Because not all of us can get paid to dance with Deepika… but all of us can (and should) get us a copy of GUD. Sign up now and you’ll get a freebie from the issue, too. (At least, till Friday night, if I understand things right.)

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