Missed It?

If you missed it in the print edition, you can check out my Korean SF story “The Country of the Young” in the Fictionwise eMagazine edition of Interzone 219, available now.

Fantasy Poll

Here’s another best-story-of-2008 poll I’ve got a story in, the Reader’s Poll at Fantasy Magazine. Those who’ve been following along should vote. (I’m not saying you should vote for my story… whatever hit you hardest would be the best choice! I’m not caught up, so we’ll have to see whether I manage it. I’m working […]

For the Two People Waiting with Bated Breath…

For those who are interested, the Fictionwise eMagazine edition of the current Asimov’s SF (October/November 2008 double-issue), with my latest fiction publication in it, is available here. I am not so fond of DRM, but Fictionwise does offera PDF option, which is about as non-invasive as you can get. (I’m pretty sure the PDFs are […]

Almost as Entertaining as a Bollywood Film

Which is high praise coming from me. I’m sure nobody will be shocked to know I have the soundtrack to Om Shanti Om in my headphones as I write this. When my aging finally process reverses and I slide back into a world before a gut and bad ankles and having to make a living […]

Asimov’s July ’08 — Fictionwise eMagazine Edition Up

For those living outside of the English-speaking, American-magazine-distributed world who are interested in reading my recently-published story “Lester Young and the Jupiter’s Moons’ Blues” in the July 2008 issue of Asimov’s SF, you might be interested in the Fictionwise eMagazine edition. (There’s DRM, of course, and I don’t usually buy things with DRM myself — […]